Printing wine labels


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Printing wine labels

Alcohol labels are often diverse in size and shape, focusing on materials and complex printing methods.

TAILONG PRINTING company is equipped with capacity printers with Flexo technology to meet all technical requirements such as: BOPP Laminating, UV vanish coating, OPP Gloss, Flute laminate, Cold Foil, Hot Foil, Embossing... Various printing materials such as: Paper decal, PP, PE plastic decal, clear decal, metalize, glossy silver, matte silver ... especially we have printing paper materials suitable for wine labels, with beautiful patterns. eye directly on the printed material. Product quality is durable when used in many different harsh environments such as storage in the refrigerator, ice water immersion when cold drinking... ...

Wine labels use quite a few techniques to create a beautiful, luxurious effect. Wine is considered a high-class product, so labels are interested in both design and printing materials. Techniques for using wine label printing such as: UV coating to position small details to highlight and create volume, metal emulsion to create sparkling effect or Cold Foil to create effects on outstanding images, techniques embossing technique combined with emulsion pressing, matte UV coating, matt lamination...


Using TAILONG's printing service, you will surely feel satisfied because of our dedication, professionalism and product quality.

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