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Print cosmetic labels

Cosmetic labels such as dishwashing liquid, detergent, soap, shampoo, shower gel, cosmetics, pesticides... often come into direct contact with water, this process often causes the labels to peel off.

Peeling if it is a paper label. So which material is suitable for your product? TAILONG PRINTING we will advise on materials based on your company's needs

- The most suitable material is PP, PE or clear plastic decal (for transparent bottles) these materials are durable, waterproof, suitable for products in direct contact with water.

- Decal Metalize The feature of this material is coated with an aluminum alloy layer on the surface, suitable for designs that create accents on the product, creating a luminous effect when reflected. The disadvantage is that the price is higher than PP, PE or clear decal.

- To save costs, your company can use paper decal, glossy laminating surface or matte film, this type is affordable, suitable for the vast majority of items, in addition to creating accents can be Needle pressing, metal stamping colors according to the catalog as you like. However, the disadvantage of paper decal is that it is not waterproof, easy to peel off when in contact with water.


Using TAILONG's printing service, you will surely feel satisfied because of our dedication, professionalism and product quality.

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Other services

Print fresh food labels

Print fresh food labels

Labels used to stick in fresh foods such as: meat, fresh vegetables, sausages, canned spices preserved in a frozen environment.
Print canned food labels

Print canned food labels

The exposed environment is cool, without direct sunlight, so there is no need to use materials. too durable to print like PP, PE... can instead use paper decal, glossy laminating surface
Print labels on glass bottles

Print labels on glass bottles

Some products such as spices, honey, soft drinks, powders, etc. Using glass or plastic bottles to make the product become luxurious and professional, commensurate with product quality and prestige

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